Meet our team of specialists

Putting your co-ownership in the hands of Macnash Syndic puts your real estate in the hands of a group of specialists working as a team.

Our services include the following areas :

Start-up audit

  • Analysis of the building
  • Preparation of an overview of short- and long-term investments
  • Preparation of maintenance schedule


  • Main care and service


  • Correspondence and representation of the owners towards third parties
  • Supervising the co-ownership board
  • Sending invitations and minutes of the General Meeting

Financial service

  • Management of the co-ownership board business account
  • Savings capital, etc.
  • Payment of invoices
  • Assisting the auditor

Legal department

  • Monitoring policies (legal aid, civil liability, etc.)
  • Mediating in conflicts
  • Completion of common parts in new buildings and major works