Rental Management:
Would you like to outsource the administrative, technical and financial management of your real estate? Macnash Management provides the following solutions:
• Monitoring your tenants' rent and charge payments,
• Indexing calculations,
• Collection of rent and charges (reminders and formal notices),
• Breakdown of payment of rent and charges to owners,
• Assistance and advice on all Belgian tenant issues,
• Follow-up of disputes with the lawyer,
• Signing of leases and security deposits,
• Arranging appointments with experts for inventories at the beginning and end of the lease,
• Indexing calculations, lease and security deposit schedule,
• Payment of miscellaneous invoices and Management Agent itemized accounts,
• Breakdown of owner/tenant charges,
• Follow-up of claims and refurbishment of affected areas with the insurance company.

Our monitoring services enable the owner to act quickly in the event of a tenant's improper conduct.
Fees for this service vary from 8-12% of the rental amount per property.


Jean-Michel VAN LAEYS
Darwinstreet, 65
1050 Brussels
Tél : 02 732 96 24 - Fax : 02 732 55 84
IPI/BIV 104 637
Axa 010.730.329.066