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SELL your property with Macnash – we have 17 years of experience in the sector!
A realistic price valuation, a team of professionals trained in new legislation, and we will guide you from the signing of the preliminary sales agreement to the purchase deed.
BUY a property with Macnash.
View our range of residential, investment, office and business properties. With our contacts, we can help you to achieve your plans and will provide the keys to your satisfact
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If you are a PROPERTY OWNER, rent out your property with Macnash and discover our comprehensive service!
Price valuation, high-quality photos, effective advertising and marketing tools, and an exclusive and international clientele.
If you are a POTENTIAL TENANT, find a home with Macnash.
We have a range of over 500 furnished and unfurnished properties and we provide support right up to handover of the keys.
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Macnash Property Management

You are looking for a specialist in the field.
Macnash Property Management has over 30 years’ experience, offering a compact company structure and a versatile team contactable at any time through its website.
Benefit from your investments with total peace of mind.
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